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The Day I Finally Decided To Kill Myself, on set

Campion Murphy and John Michael Sudol (AD)



Born and raised in Los Angeles, Campion Murphy worked in the entertainment business for several years.  He then segued into indie filmmaking, writing and directing the short film "Citation of Merit".  Inspired by his late father's World War II experiences, Citation was accepted into six film festivals.


Murphy has since developed other projects including a half hour pilot for ABC studios titled "Raising Shane".  It was based on his life in his early 20's when he became the legal guardian of his then 13 years old nephew.  Soon after, he began compiling a varied body of scripted works including action-thrillers, a dark comedy and an edgy family drama.  In 2011, Murphy later directed his indie-thriller "Escapee" starring Dominic Purcell (Prison Break).  "Escapee" is the story of a high-risk patient (Purcell) who escapes from a mental hospital and terrorizes a small town.


Most recently, Murphy wrote and directed the short film "The Day I Finally Decided to Kill Myself".  Initially, the story was written in memory of his brother who committed suicide in the late 80's.  He decided to make the story into a short film later when another brother committed suicide in 2012.  Afterwards, Murphy switched gears and took a turn at writing and directing a hybrid comedy, "Barry Avenue", based on his young single years living in a Los Angeles bungalow.


Murphy maintains residences in both Los Angeles and Louisiana.  He continues to develop projects for both film and television.  


Citation of Merit, on set

Campion Murphy and Max Williams (actor)

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